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The Outpost in Kent Ohio Hosts Famous Last Words

December 9, 2020, Tollas tweeted that he had finished "tracking the last bit of new FLW tracks" and that new music is coming soon.

Almost a full year later, on October 29, 2021, Famous Last Words finally released their new single "In The Blink Of An Eye", A little longer than a month after this, the band released their three track concept EP titled "The Negative", The EP, though only being three tracks long, (2 songs, and a four minute voice recording)

Physical copies of the EP were limited to 300 copies, sold exclusively in their bundle titled The Anthology, including three CDs. CD one is their second EP, "Pick Your Poison", and "The Negative", CD two is their debut album "Two-Faced Charade", and CD three is their sophomore album "Council of the Dead". Alongside as the CD bundle, The Anthology included a flag, a poster, a "The Negative" t-shirt, and a single polaroid picture of one of the band members.

You can see FLW live at the Outpost in Kent, OH August 25th

- Article courtesy of Wikipedia

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