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Ripping Rock N Roll, The Metal Byrds are a band on the rise

The Metal Byrds are an indie rock band from Houston, Texas with London-born frontwoman Suzanne Birdie and lead guitarist Sly Rye. Together, they create thrilling power pop music with a throwback sound that celebrates women in rock. Their songs come together as the culmination of individual influences over the decades: Sly Rye's guitar playing fuses classic rock and metal with alternative sounds while Susanne takes inspiration from greats such as Joan Jett, Pat Benetar, Stevie Nicks, and Heart. Because of this dynamic mix, their sound isn't easily categorized—listen closely to hear something truly unique! The Metal Byrds have been gaining traction worldwide due to excellent rotation on Spotify playlists alongside other up-and-coming indie rockers. Their fan base only continues to grow!

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