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Aramis Unleashes Intense New Single 'You Are The Enemy'

From the Bay Area, California comes Aramis' newest progressive thrash/death metal project, "You Are The Enemy." On June 9th, Crimson, the second album from the solo-artist venture will be released under SODEH Records. This intense new single draws influence from Lamb of God and Metallica amongst others. Lyrically, it addresses our societies' divisions and critiques leaders' motives in a scathing manner.

Since its first single launch in 2021, Nebulous; Aramis has continued to make waves in the metal scene with subsequent releases Born Of Man (March), Insignificant Memories (June) and finally Constrictor on Halloween - October 31st. Each track ranging in their individual influences and featuring a trademark adrenaline pumping sound. So please remind that on June 9th "You Are The Enemy" will be available to bang your head to!

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